Black Salt & Cypress | Room Spray & Mist

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Scent Notes


A coastal storm of sea salt air, ocean spray, misted cypress and sun bleached driftwood.


Our vegan room sprays are crafted with the finest ingredients available. Each bottle is filled with witch hazel, paraben and phthalate free fragrance oils, essential oils and natural preservatives to extend the shelf life of your spray.


How to use:

Shake bottle before each use, mist two to three pumps as desired. Do not spray mist directly onto face or body.

For external use only.

The Story Of

The Story of Sarah and James: In the heart of Toronto, Sarah and James, a couple seeking respite from the city's hustle, annually found solace in their winter escape to the sun-drenched beaches of the Dominican Republic. Their thoughtful friends, appreciating the couple's love for the tropical paradise, gifted them a Driftwood Candle Co. Room Spray infused with the exotic essence of the Caribbean.

Capturing the spirit of their Dominican Republic retreat, the room spray boasted notes of sun-soaked beaches, coconut palms, and the gentle caress of tropical breezes. The couple, enchanted by the fragrance during their winter getaway, felt transported to the warmth and relaxation of their tropical haven.

Recognizing the emotional significance of the room spray, Sarah and James decided to extend the tropical ambiance to their Toronto home. They ordered a second bottle of the Caribbean-inspired room spray, allowing them to infuse their living space with the memories of sun-kissed days and balmy nights during the winter months.

As the room spray dispersed its exotic aroma, their Toronto residence became a sanctuary of tropical tranquility. Even amid the winter chill, the fragrance served as a daily escape, reminding Sarah and James of the vibrant colors, soothing sounds, and the overall bliss of their Dominican Republic retreat.

The room spray became a cherished connection, a sensory bridge between their city life and the tropical paradise they frequented every winter. With a simple spritz, Sarah and James transformed their Toronto home into a haven filled with the spirit of the Dominican Republic, making the colder months a bit warmer and a lot more memorable.

Customer Reviews

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Wanda D
Refreshing scent

Black Salt & Cypress is my absolute all time favourite. I love the gentle fragrance, and I can almost hear the waves rolling over the beach rocks...

Kim R.
Makes a Great Gift

Love all the products that I have purchased from Driftwood Candle Co., but one in particular that stands out right now is the Black Salt and Cypress room spray. I bought one for myself and gifted one to my daughter. She LOVES it. Already asking for more!

Anne G.
I love Black Salt & Cypress

Driftwood Candle Co. products are amazing! I have loved every scent I've bought, my favourites are Sweet Tobacco, Perfect Symmetry and my new scent favourite is Black Salt & Cypress!! I just love it!! It's soft and such a calming scent. I have the room spray, candle and reed diffuser! The room spray I use everywhere.. I spray my curtains, couch and pillows. Thanks Renee! I love your products.

Thank you so much Anne!!!! I appreciate your support so much :)