Palo Santo | Reed Diffuser

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Scent Notes

Top: Bergamot, Lemon, Amber
Mid: Juniper Berries, Siberian Fir, Olibanum
Base: Palo Santo Wood, Patchouli, White Musk



Our Vegan reed diffusers are crafted with the finest ingredients available. Each bottle is filled with sustainably sourced soya based glycerine diffuser oil, paraben and phthalate free fragrance oils and pure essential oils when applicable. Natural reed sticks and sola flowers.


How to use:

Place reeds and sola flowers in bottle. Once reeds are saturated, turn over to expose wet reeds to the air. The reeds and sola flowers will naturally draw the fragrances from the bottle and diffuse into the room. Reeds can typically be reused for several months before needing to be replaced.

The Story Of

The Story of Emma: In the bustling city of Evergrove, where the air echoed with the pulse of urban life, there lived a woman named Emma who found solace in the tranquility of nature's scents. Intrigued by the promise of a Palo Santo Reed Diffuser from Driftwood Candle Co., Emma eagerly brought the essence of the sacred wood into her home. The diffuser boasted a captivating blend of Bergamot, Lemon, Amber, Juniper Berries, Siberian Fir, Olibanum, Palo Santo Wood, Patchouli, and White Musk – a symphony that resonated with her soul.

Placing the Palo Santo Reed Diffuser in her living room, Emma unleashed the enchanting fragrance into her space. The woodsy notes of Bergamot and Lemon danced with the warm embrace of Amber, creating an aromatic tapestry that transported her to serene, sun-dappled groves. The invigorating scent of Juniper Berries and Siberian Fir brought the crisp freshness of the outdoors, while Olibanum and Palo Santo Wood added a touch of sacred earthiness. Patchouli and White Musk anchored the composition, leaving a lingering trail of tranquility.

As the fragrance diffused through her home, Emma found creative ways to incorporate it into her daily life. Mornings became a ritual of awakening her senses as she sipped her tea amidst the comforting aura of Palo Santo. Evenings transformed into moments of reflection, the diffuser casting a calming spell as she unwound from the day's demands. The Palo Santo Reed Diffuser became not just a scent but a companion, infusing Emma's home with the spirit of nature, making her urban dwelling a haven of serenity and connection to the earth's calming embrace.