Amber Tobacco | Reed Diffuser

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Scent Notes


Top: Orange Citrus
Mid: Cinnamon, Honey
Base: Sandalwood



Our Vegan reed diffusers are crafted with the finest ingredients available. Each bottle is filled with sustainably sourced soya based glycerine diffuser oil, paraben and phthalate free fragrance oils and pure essential oils when applicable. Natural reed sticks and sola flowers.


How to use:

Place reeds and sola flowers in bottle. Once reeds are saturated, turn over to expose wet reeds to the air. The reeds and sola flowers will naturally draw the fragrances from the bottle and diffuse into the room. Reeds can typically be reused for several months before needing to be replaced.

The Story Of

The Story of Lily and Max:
Once upon a time in a cozy little home, there lived a cute couple named Lily and Max. They shared a love for the finer things in life, and one of their favorite treasures was the Driftwood Candle Co. Amber Tobacco Reed Diffuser.

Lily first discovered the delightful scent while browsing Google for unique housewarming gift ideas when she stumbled upon Driftwood Candle Co.'s sola flower reed diffusers. She loved the uniqueness of this gift, but was immediately drawn to the Amber Tobacco scent with its organic essence of Sandalwood intertwined with the subtle fragrance of dried tobacco leaves. The masculine undertones were just perfect for her living room, she thought, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere without being overpowering.

Max, always one to appreciate the little details, admired how the reed diffusers worked their magic when Lily opened her online purchase and displayed the beautiful diffuser in their space. The slow, continuous release of the aromatic blend filled their home with a comforting ambiance. The touch of elegance came from the sola flowers that adorned the diffuser, adding a natural charm to the room.

As the days passed, Lily and Max found joy in the lingering scent that greeted them each time they entered their home. The Amber Tobacco Reed Diffuser became more than just a fragrance; it became a part of their daily routine, a subtle reminder of the love and warmth they shared in their little haven.

And so, in the soft glow of their well-loved diffuser, Lily and Max continued to build a life together, surrounded by the comforting embrace of Sandalwood, tobacco leaves, and the gentle elegance of sola flowers.