Winter Nights | Soy Candle

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Scent Notes

Notes: Top: Pine, Orange and Ginger Middle: Hyacinth Base: Light Musk


Fragrance Oils: We use environmentally conscious and friendly fragrance oils that are free from parabens and phthalates. Our fragrances are carefully selected to ensure a delightful and non-toxic aromatic experience.

Non-Toxic Formula: Our candles are created with a non-toxic formula, making them safe for use in your home. We prioritize the well-being of our customers and the environment.

Animal-Friendly: Our products are completely free of animal-derived substances. We do not test on animals, ensuring that our candles are cruelty-free.

Sustainable and Non-GMO: We are committed to sustainability, and our candles are made using sustainable practices. The soy wax used is non-GMO, aligning with our dedication to responsible and eco-friendly production.

By combining these high-quality ingredients, we strive to offer you a premium candle experience that not only enhances your space but also aligns with your values of non-toxicity, sustainability, and cruelty-free practices.


Candle Care: Your candle was made with love and attention; therefore, we recommend taking the following steps for your safety and to elongate the life of your candle.

- Tim your wicks to 1/4 inch each time before burning
- Let wax melt completely to the edges
- Never burn longer than 4hrs at at time
- Safely snuff out flame when done burning using a candle snuffer. Never blow out your candle.
- Always burn on a stable surface
- Avoid burning near kids, pets or flammable objects.

The Story Of

The Story of the Anderson Family:

Meet the Anderson family, who held a deep love for Christmas traditions and the enchanting scent of pine. Despite having a fake tree, the Andersons were determined to infuse their home with the fresh aroma of the holiday season. Their solution came in the form of a thoughtful gift – a Driftwood Candle Co. Winter Nights candle.

The Winter Nights candle, with its invigorating blend of pine essential oil and orange, became the perfect addition to the Andersons' festive celebrations. From the moment they lit the candle, the cozy fragrance enveloped their home, creating an ambiance that echoed the spirit of Christmas.

As the Winter Nights fragrance wafted through each room, the Andersons found themselves transported to a winter wonderland of pine-scented joy. The flickering flame of the candle cast a warm glow on their family traditions, from decorating the tree to baking holiday treats in the kitchen.

The thoughtful gift not only brought the delightful scent of pine indoors but also became a cherished part of their Christmas rituals. The Andersons would gather around the Winter Nights candle, sharing stories, exchanging gifts, and basking in the heartwarming atmosphere it created.

Even without the presence of a real tree, the Winter Nights candle managed to capture the essence of the holiday season for the Anderson family. Its fresh and inviting scent served as a reminder that, regardless of the type of tree standing in their living room, the true magic of Christmas could be found in the warmth of family, shared moments, and the comforting aroma of a Driftwood Candle Co. Winter Nights candle.