French Vanilla | Reed Diffuser

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Scent Notes


Top: Maple Syrup and Honey
Mid: Cocoa
Bae: Vanilla



Our Vegan reed diffusers are crafted with the finest ingredients available. Each bottle is filled with sustainably sourced soya based glycerine diffuser oil, paraben and phthalate free fragrance oils and pure essential oils when applicable. Natural reed sticks and sola flowers.


How To Use

Place reeds and sola flowers in bottle. Once reeds are saturated, turn over to expose wet reeds to the air. The reeds and sola flowers will naturally draw the fragrances from the bottle and diffuse into the room. Reeds can typically be reused for several months before needing to be replaced.

The Story Of

The Story of Helen

In a cozy Ontario nursing home nestled amidst a picturesque landscape, two daughters, Emily and Lily, sought to bring a touch of nostalgia and warmth to their mother's room. Their mother, Helen, had always been a beacon of love and care, and they wanted to remind her of the cherished memories they had shared.

Knowing their mother's fondness for baking and the sweet aroma of vanilla, Emily and Lily embarked on a mission to recreate that comforting ambiance within the confines of her room. They discovered a Sola Flower French Vanilla Reed Diffuser by Driftwood Candle Co.—a scent-filled vessel that would gently infuse the air with the beloved fragrance.

With loving hearts and eager anticipation, the sisters carefully arranged the diffuser reeds, allowing the scent to permeate the room. Slowly, the soft essence of vanilla began to fill the air, evoking memories of days long past.

As Helen entered her room, a smile tugged at the corners of her lips, her senses instantly transported to the earlier years when her daughters were young and laughter echoed through the kitchen. The delicate aroma sparked recollections of baking fresh cookies together, their sweet scent enveloping the house.

In that nursing home room, the reed diffuser became a conduit for cherished memories. The scent of vanilla wrapped around Helen, enveloping her in a warm embrace of love and joy. It was as if the laughter and happiness from those days had been distilled into this delicate fragrance.

With every visit, Emily and Lily revelled in the joy that washed over their mother's face as the scent embraced her. The sola flower diffuser became a symbol of their unwavering love, a reminder of the special moments they had shared as a family.

As Helen took in the comforting aroma, memories flowed freely—birthdays celebrated, family gatherings, and the quiet moments of togetherness. The reed diffuser breathed life into those treasured recollections, allowing them to be relived in the present.

In that nursing home room, Helen's spirit brightened, and her heart overflowed with gratitude for her daughters' thoughtful gesture. Driftwood Candle Co. Reed Diffuser became more than just a vessel of fragrance—it became a conduit for love, a tangible representation of the enduring bond they shared.

Together, they continued to create new memories, weaving them into the tapestry of the room scented with vanilla. And as time passed, the fragrance of love and togetherness filled every corner, comforting not only Helen but also the souls of all who entered.

Through the simple act of bringing the essence of vanilla into that nursing home room, Emily and Lily had not only brightened their mother's days but had also created a space where the past and present converged—a place where love, slow living and cherished memories would forever linger in the soft, nostalgic scent of the French Vanilla Reed Diffuser.

Customer Reviews

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Annik D.
Still smells amazing!

I've had the vanilla reed diffuser for the last 5 months and it still smells amazing and looks really beautiful.

Amazing!!! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We truly appreciate it.