Spring Lilacs | Soy Candle

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Scent Notes


Top: Lilac, Ylang Ylang, Lily of the Valley.
Mid: Jasmine, Rose and Lavender
Base: Musk.


Fragrance Oils: We use environmentally conscious and friendly fragrance oils that are free from parabens and phthalates. Our fragrances are carefully selected to ensure a delightful and non-toxic aromatic experience.

Non-Toxic Formula: Our candles are created with a non-toxic formula, making them safe for use in your home. We prioritize the well-being of our customers and the environment.

Animal-Friendly: Our products are completely free of animal-derived substances. We do not test on animals, ensuring that our candles are cruelty-free.

Sustainable and Non-GMO: We are committed to sustainability, and our candles are made using sustainable practices. The soy wax used is non-GMO, aligning with our dedication to responsible and eco-friendly production.

By combining these high-quality ingredients, we strive to offer you a premium candle experience that not only enhances your space but also aligns with your values of non-toxicity, sustainability, and cruelty-free practices.


Candle Care: Your candle was made with love and attention; therefore, we recommend taking the following steps for your safety and to elongate the life of your candle.

- Tim your wicks to 1/4 inch each time before burning
- Let wax melt completely to the edges
- Never burn longer than 4hrs at at time
- Safely snuff out flame when done burning using a candle snuffer. Never blow out your candle.
- Always burn on a stable surface
- Avoid burning near kids, pets or flammable objects.

The Story Of

The Story of Ayesha:Meet Ayesha, a person who appreciates the delicate beauty of spring. Ayesha lit the Driftwood Candle Co. Spring Lilac Candle, a fragrant blend capturing the essence of blooming lilacs. As the flame flickered, the room filled with the sweet and floral aroma, transforming Ayesha's space into a haven of springtime serenity. The Spring Lilac Candle became Ayesha's essential companion for creating an atmosphere that celebrated the freshness and beauty of lilacs, turning every moment into a fragrant journey through a spring garden.