Palo Santo Patchouli | Soy Candle

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Scent Notes


Top: Black Pepper, Clove Leaf, Nutmeg
Mid: Lavender
Bottom: Cedarwood, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Vanilla Amber, Sandalwood and Olibanum


Fragrance Oils: We use environmentally conscious and friendly fragrance oils that are free from parabens and phthalates. Our fragrances are carefully selected to ensure a delightful and non-toxic aromatic experience.

Non-Toxic Formula: Our candles are created with a non-toxic formula, making them safe for use in your home. We prioritize the well-being of our customers and the environment.

Animal-Friendly: Our products are completely free of animal-derived substances. We do not test on animals, ensuring that our candles are cruelty-free.

Sustainable and Non-GMO: We are committed to sustainability, and our candles are made using sustainable practices. The soy wax used is non-GMO, aligning with our dedication to responsible and eco-friendly production.

By combining these high-quality ingredients, we strive to offer you a premium candle experience that not only enhances your space but also aligns with your values of non-toxicity, sustainability, and cruelty-free practices.


Candle Care: Your candle was made with love and attention; therefore, we recommend taking the following steps for your safety and to elongate the life of your candle.

- Tim your wicks to 1/4 inch each time before burning
- Let wax melt completely to the edges
- Never burn longer than 4hrs at at time
- Safely snuff out flame when done burning using a candle snuffer. Never blow out your candle.
- Always burn on a stable surface
- Avoid burning near kids, pets or flammable objects.

The Story Of

The Story of Dr. Anderson

Dr. Anderson had been working tirelessly in hospital's busy emergency department for years, facing the constant pressures of saving lives and making split-second decisions. Each day seemed more demanding than the last, leaving him physically and emotionally drained. But amidst the chaos, Dr. Anderson had discovered a small haven, a moment of respite that provided solace to his weary soul.

Every evening, as he returned home after a grueling shift, Dr. Anderson indulged in a ritual that brought him a much-needed sense of calm. He would light his Driftwood Candle Co. Palo Santo Patchouli candle, carefully placing it on the coffee table in his living room. The flickering light of the double wick candle danced gracefully, casting a warm and soothing glow around the room.

As the aroma of Palo Santo and Patchouli filled the air, Dr. Anderson's senses awakened. The grounding scent of the sacred wood intertwined with the earthy embrace of patchouli, creating a harmonious blend that seemed tailor-made for his tired mind. The fragrance enveloped him, instantly triggering his brain's olfactory system and initiating the relaxation response he so desperately needed.

Dr. Anderson would sit in his favourite armchair, letting the mesmerizing light of the candle wash over him. With each breath, he felt the weight of the day gradually lift from his shoulders. The calming effects of the candle brought about a shift in his energy, allowing him to leave behind the stresses and uncertainties of the hospital

In those tranquil moments, Dr. Anderson found his mind drifting into a state of meditation. The worries and anxieties that had plagued him throughout the day slowly faded away, replaced by a deep sense of contentment and peace. The patchouli worked its magic, grounding him in the present moment and dispelling any unwanted fears that lingered within.

The flickering light and comforting fragrance became his sanctuary, a haven where he could restore his weary spirit and find solace amidst the chaos of his profession. The Driftwood Candle Co. Palo Santo Patchouli candle had become more than just a product; it was a lifeline that helped Dr. Anderson rejuvenate and gather strength for the challenges that awaited him in the days ahead.</em></h5>

And so, every night, as the stresses of his job melted away, Dr. Anderson would savour this simple ritual, knowing that it held the power to bring him back to himself and replenish his soul.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Proulx
My fave scent!

This is my fave scent! Great for after a stressful and busy day, it's very soothing and relaxing. I definitely recommend it.

Lexi Rose
Love it!

I don't know how to describe it, but I find this scent kind of sexy! I just love it. I definitely recommend trying this one if you haven't yet!!

It's definitely one of my personal favourites!