Candle Care Kit | 4pc Black Set

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How to Use:

Tray Placement:
Begin by placing the elegant tray on a stable and heat-resistant surface.
Ensure the tray is positioned within reach but away from flammable materials.

Snuffer Technique:
To extinguish your candle, gently place the snuffer over the flame, completely covering it.
Hold the snuffer in place for a few seconds to ensure the flame is fully extinguished.
This minimizes smoke and prevents wax splatter.
Dipper for an Even Burn:

Before lighting, use the dipper to gently bend the wick into an upright position.
After extinguishing the candle, use the dipper to reposition the wick, ensuring an even burn in subsequent uses.
This prevents uneven melting and prolongs the life of your candle.

Candle Scissors Precision:
Trim the candle wick to approximately 1/4 inch before each use using the candle scissors.
Ensure the trimmed wick remains centered to promote an even and clean burn.
Trimmed wicks prevent smoking and encourage a longer-lasting candle.

Regular Maintenance:
Routinely clean the tray to remove any accumulated debris and wax residue.
Keep the tools in a designated spot on the tray for easy access during each use.
Store the kit in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Safety First:
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Keep the candle care kit out of reach of children and pets.
Allow the candle to cool before using the dipper or scissors.

Enjoy the Enhanced Candle Experience:
Incorporate the candle care kit into your routine for a cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable candle-burning experience.
Admire the beauty of your well-maintained candle and the cozy ambiance it creates.
By following these simple steps, you'll maximize the life and aesthetics of your candles, ensuring a safe and delightful experience every time you light them.

The Story Of

The Story of Amina:

Meet Amina, a devoted candle enthusiast who finds solace in the enchanting world of flickering flames and soothing scents. One day, as she was shopping online for new candles, she discovered the Driftwood Candle Co. website and stumble upon their Candle Care Kit—an elegant ensemble featuring a tray, a snuffer, a dipper, and candle scissors. Intrigued by the promise of enhancing her candle experience, Amina decided to give it a try.

As Amina incorporated the Candle Care Kit into her routine, she noticed a remarkable difference in the longevity and aesthetics of her candles. The snuffer helped her extinguish flames without any messy wax splatter, while the dipper ensured an even burn, preventing uneven wax pooling. The candle scissors allowed her to trim wicks with precision, reducing soot and prolonging burn time. The stylish tray not only kept everything organized but also added a touch of sophistication to her candle corner.

Excited by the positive impact on her own candle collection, Amina began to gift the Driftwood Candle Care Kit with every candle she purchased for friends and family. The thoughtful gesture not only shared the joy of a well-maintained candle but also introduced her loved ones to the enhanced experience provided by the kit.

Her friends and family, receiving both candles and the meticulously curated kits, marveled at the attention to detail and the care put into each gift. Amina's passion for candles had transformed into a thoughtful tradition, spreading the joy of extended candle life and enhanced burning experiences to those around her.

Now, every time Amina lights a candle or sees her loved ones enjoying their candle care kits, she smiles, knowing that the simple act of enhancing a candle experience has become a gift that keeps on giving. The Driftwood Candle Care Kit, once discovered as a personal indulgence, has become Amina's way of sharing warmth, light, and the joy of a well-tended flame with everyone she holds dear.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Product, Great Deal

Very sleek, clean look, exactly as shown in pictures. Wick trimmer works great, and the snuffer is fun.
I wanted a wick trimmer and for only a little more than the cost of that elsewhere I got this whole kit instead. (Huge bonus, small business!) It was packaged incredibly well for transit.

Thank you so much Anna for taking the time to leave such a heartfelt review. As a small business, this means the world to us!!! You're the best.

Annik D.
Who knew I needed a wick trimmer.

I bought the kit and I think it's great especially the wick trimmer. It makes it mess free and easy to reach the wicks.

Thank you Annik for taking the time to review our care kits. We couldn't agree more, a good candle care kit is a necessity for any candle lover :) You're so smart for properly caring for your candles.

Wendy P.
Everyone needs a Care Kit

I recently purchased a candle care kit and I love it.
This is a must for all candle lovers!

Thanks Wendy! So happy you love your purchase.