Man Cave | Reed Diffuser

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Scent Notes

Top: Bourbon, Rum, Vanilla
Middle: Sandalwood
Bottom: Cedar, Vetiver



Our Vegan reed diffusers are crafted with the finest ingredients available. Each bottle is filled with sustainably sourced soya based glycerine diffuser oil, paraben and phthalate free fragrance oils and pure essential oils when applicable. Natural reed sticks and sola flowers.


How to use:

Place reeds and sola flowers in bottle. Once reeds are saturated, turn over to expose wet reeds to the air. The reeds and sola flowers will naturally draw the fragrances from the bottle and diffuse into the room. Reeds can typically be reused for several months before needing to be replaced.

The Story Of

The Story of Jack:Meet Jack, a connoisseur of refined scents and a man who takes pride in curating his personal space. His sanctuary, the man cave, was elevated to new heights with the introduction of the Driftwood Candle Co. "Man Cave" Reed Diffuser. Infused with a robust blend of Bourbon, Vanilla, and Sandalwood, this diffuser became Jack's secret weapon for transforming his space into an olfactory haven.

With a sense of satisfaction, Jack strategically placed the Man Cave Reed Diffuser in the heart of his retreat. As the reeds absorbed the essence, the room came alive with the rich and masculine aroma. The bold notes of Bourbon added a touch of sophistication, while the subtle sweetness of Vanilla and the grounding scent of Sandalwood created a harmonious symphony that reflected Jack's discerning taste. The man cave became more than just a room; it became a sanctuary where Jack could unwind, surrounded by the intoxicating fragrance that mirrored his refined sensibilities.