As someone who cherishes the cozy glow of candles, I've learned that properly extinguishing them is just as important as lighting them. Join me on a journey through my candle care ritual, where I'll share personal insights and practical tips for safely extinguishing candle flames while enhancing their longevity.

  1. Snuff it out: Imagine delicately lowering a bell-shaped metal cone over a flickering flame, watching as it gracefully snuffs out without a hint of smoke or wax splatter. That's the magic of using a snuffer from a candle care kit. Here's why I swear by this method:
  • Preserve purity: Snuffing out a candle with a snuffer ensures a clean, smoke-free environment, perfect for maintaining air quality and preventing respiratory irritations.
  • Respect the wick: With a snuffer, I can gently extinguish the flame without disturbing the delicate wick, preserving its integrity for future use.
  • Safety first: By avoiding the need to blow out the flame, I eliminate the risk of accidental sparks or embers igniting nearby objects, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.
Word mark image: 1 snuff it out.  Use a candle snuffer to quickly extinguish your candle with minimal smoke release.
  1. Dip it out: Picture dipping the glowing tip of a candle into its own pool of melted wax, witnessing the flame surrender as it submerges completely. This technique, using a dipper or even a butter knife in a pinch, offers its own set of benefits:
  • Embrace completeness: Dipping out the flame ensures a thorough extinguishment, leaving no lingering embers or smoke trails behind.
  • Protect aesthetics: By gently submerging the wick, I prevent unsightly blackening or charring, preserving the candle's beauty and elegance.
  • Craft with care: Each dip is a mindful act, showcasing my dedication to maintaining the quality and appearance of my cherished candles.
wordmark image that says: 2 Dip It Out - Use a wick dipper to plunge th wick into the melted wax and stop the flame with the least amount of smoke.
  1. Close the lid: For those moments when convenience is key, simply closing the lid of a jar candle provides a quick and effective way to extinguish the flame. Here's why I appreciate this no-fuss approach:
  • Swift closure: With just a simple motion, I seal in the fragrance and snuff out the flame, all while keeping dust and debris at bay.
  • Embrace the aroma: Closing the lid traps the lingering scent, allowing it to linger in the air long after the candle has been extinguished, creating a lasting ambiance.
  • Appreciate simplicity: Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most satisfying, offering peace of mind without any added fuss or complexity.
Wordmark image: 3 - Close the Lid.  If your candle has a non-flammable lid, use it to close the open flame and suffocate it.

My candle care ritual isn't just about extinguishing flames—it's about nurturing a cherished tradition with love and respect. By embracing the art of snuffing, dipping, or simply closing the lid, I ensure the safety, longevity, and beauty of my beloved candles, transforming each moment into a glowing expression of warmth and serenity. Join me in illuminating our lives, one candle at a time.


Hope this helps you too!


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